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Drinks Pon Pon
Drinks Pon Pon
Drinks Pon Pon
Drinks Pon Pon
Drinks Pon Pon
Drinks Pon Pon
Drinks Pon Pon
Drinks Pon Pon

Drinks Pon Pon

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Use the beverage artifact that can punch holes in the caps of beverage bottles for clean, healthy, and convenient drinking!

# More Clean & Healthy!!
# Available For Most Drinks!
# Easy To Operate For Anyone!
# Easy To Carry & Convenient Drink!!
# Cleverly Punch Holes In The Bottle Cap!
# Put A Straw In The Drink To Keep It Tidy!!
# The Product Is Detachable, Washable, & Hygienic!

It does not require much effort, because it can pierce the bottle cap in one breath and is easy to carry. There is no need to open and close the cap of the water bottle, and there is no need to worry about the lipstick being destroyed. And if you often use a straw because of water leakage while driving, it is also very convenient to use Drinks Pon Pon to plug in a straw to drink!

- Lorraine


【Better For Your Teeth】

Drinks that are sipped from a glass are in direct contact with your entire mouth, you may be at higher risk of developing tooth decay. Drinking through a straw can minimize tooth contact, giving you healthier and happier teeth. 

【Prevents Staining Of Front Teeth】

Drinks like soda, tea, and coffee can discolor your teeth. Using a straw can decrease the contact between these drinks and your front teeth. To reap this benefit, place the straw past your front teeth. This will reduce tooth discoloration. 

【Increases Convenience】

When you drink straight from a cup, you have to tip it toward your face. This increases the risk of spills. Using a straw makes it easier to sip the drink without tilting it too far. The practice is especially helpful if your beverage has ice.

【Improves Hygiene】

Drinking through a straw may be ideal when consuming a canned beverage. It’s more sanitary than directly putting your mouth on the can. Harmful bacteria can survive on the lids of aluminum cans. The bacteria can contaminate the cans during storage, transportation, or handling at the store.

【Use Best Types Of Straws】

Plastic straws are not biodegradable and they aren’t recycling. Always opt for an eco-friendly paper straw, or better yet, invest in the reusable variety. Metal, bamboo, and glass straws are readily available from health food shops and markets.


For Children
You can drink water by inserting a straw without spilling any beverage.
For Special Days (wedding, photography, etc.)
Drink neatly without worrying about lipstick or tone!
For When Driving
You don't need to open and close the lid, you can easily drink drinks without tilting your head, so you can drive safely!
For Straw Lovers
It is more convenient for those who like to drink beverages through straws. You can use straws to drink beverages anytime, anywhere.
For Patients
For a patient who is difficult to take care of by himself, he can easily drink a drink by using a straw.
For Avoiding Spilling Drinks
When used with a straw stopper, even if the drink is poured, it will not leak out.


Material: ABS+304 Stainless Steel
Color: Black / Yellow / Pink / Blue
High: 8 cm
Diameter: 3.8 cm
Product Weight: 50 G
Applicable Lid Size: 3cm~3.8cm
Applicable Straw Size: 3mm~6.5mm
Package Contents: 1 × Drinks Pon Pon


Please note that it is very sharp.
Please use it for unopened new drinks.
The pointed needle part cannot be separated.
It needs to be pressed down completely when using, otherwise the straw mouth will be too small.
If the mouth of the straw is too small, move the perforator left and right to widen the size of the hole.


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